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Locs' Journey (Stages Of Locs)

Stages of Locs

Do you know there are different stages of Locs? If you've started your locs' journey or looking to start a locs it is always good to know what to expect on this beautiful natural journey.

Locs process takes patience, self-love, and maintenance as it takes time to go from the baby stage to the adult stage (approximately 21 months plus in total). Everyone has different hair types and diets so don't compare your locs' journey to someone else's journey.

Do you still love locs? Then continue reading to learn the different stages of locs and what to expect.

1. Starter Stage/ Baby Stage

The Starter Stage (also known as the Baby Stage) lasts roughly for three to six months. The duration depends on your hair type and how fast your hair grows. There are different techniques used to start locs. You can choose which technique you prefer or one thats recommended by a loctician for your hair type. I mainly use 4 techniques to start locs;

1 Two Strand Twist

2 Comb Coils

3 Instant locs (with and without extension)

4 Freeform

Either way you choose to start your locs you have to prepare your mind body and spirit for your journey. Why is this? Because this stage can be rather trying as many people find their locs, become unraveled, or look ‘fluffy’ when washed or it can be very hard to maintain. But it’s important to remember that this stage is just part of the process and once your locs mature things will be slightly easier.

2. Budding Stage/ Sprouting Stage