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Three Most Important Stages in Your Locs Journey

I am Yohanna El, a loctician based in Baltimore, MD. I am here to share the three most important steps on your locs journey.

One is the starter locs. This step is important because it is where you, as an individual, make a decision that changes your perspective on hair and what beauty is. In this baby stage, you must prepare your mind, body, and spirit for your journey. Without doing so, you will never reach the second stage.

The second stage is budding. This stage, for me, is the phase where self-love is the key. You have to accept that beauty comes in different forms. Having a wig or slick hair doesn't mean you're beautiful. Social construct changed our definitions of what beauty truly is. Being your authentic self and feeling great about how you look naturally is beauty. It's easy to look beyond the norms and feel great about yourself. Even though the hair is frizzed out, you're still beautiful inside out. Looking in the mirror and saying "I am beautiful" and "I love myself just the way I am" help gives you that self-love needed to take you to the third step safely without being fed up or displeased with your natural look. I say natural because it's just that! You in your most natural, unaltered state.

The third important stage is locs maturity. When locs are fully bloomed and matured, some think you can ignore the need for ritualistic hair care; that's a no-no. If you wish to keep your hair for a long healthy, and wealthy look and feel, maintain your locs with lots of alkaline water ingested and submerging your entire hair and body in natural running water, detoxing, moisturizing, and resting from constant twist and interlocking from time to time to avoid thinning, alopecia and traction alopecia.

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